Monday, October 13, 2008

Pounding Pavement

Today, I conquered my fear of putting myself out "there." The there in this case, the real world. Yes, I packed up my little tray of jewelry goods, {three actually} and I made house calls to a few different gift shops and craft stores. Too my dismay, the world simply isn't ready yet for the consigment of my lovely little items... or rather everything was closed for the Monday. Yes, apparently the specialty shops in my little state of Massachussetts are all closed on Mondays... except one. It seems that Monday is the perfect day off for the small business owners.

So, the one and only shop that was opened, checked out my little trays and they liked 2 items... just no sales. They unfortunately bought all of their Christmas merchandise in February. I thought that I was an organized person! These guys are planning the fashion trends almost 10 months in advanced. Phew! I may be pounding a little more pavement coming this February 2010.

Well, that gives me 4 months to put together the most amazing beautiful portfolio tween here and there.