Friday, March 13, 2015

Destructive Creativity- postage stamps

Right now, I'm exploring the idea of taking old postage stamps, and making some reclaimed jewelry from them. It's been on my mind a long time. These famous masterpieces, and sometimes, just commissioned images, waiting to be made into small ideal jewelry designs.

Once they have been cut up, there's no more stamp. That's now gone. Hopefully no stamp collector's have a heart attack. A new thing is in it's place, sometimes imperfect, and sometimes, a wearable piece of art.

Destruction for the case of new beautiful thing. Sometimes, it's worth it!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Journal your Love notes

I'm a pretty disorganized person, now that I have small children. They move things, and I take it from them, and I put it in a place that is "safe", and they can't reach... so the tops of my bookcases are just crammed with random things.

This is the cover of my actual Love Letter Journal.

 One precious thing that I haven't lost, is a notebook of  love letters. I started writing it to my husband before we were married. It's a precious little notebook, that I have written back and forth to him for 13 years. I used to write on a whim on a random Tuesday, but now I write around our anniversary, and on major holidays.

Since I love paper products so much, I do make him sweet little cards that are basic and say I love you. The heart felt love letters though, those all go in the journal. All in one location- and harder to lose and organize than a shoe box of cards.

If I'm blue, or overwhelmed; tired and discouraged... these love letters are there for me, even if the hubby is at work!