Friday, June 3, 2016

morning pages.... the evolution... afternoon art journaling

Struggling with morning pages again, that's really a common challenge around here. If there is little to no sleep to be had, the morning pages simply don't happen, ever. It's more important that the kids are fed and the husband is off to work.

I recently started reviewing different methods of making Art Journals. Just google it or check Pinterest. There are tons of tutorials, so I won't bog you down with those here. However I will say, morning pages doesn't always need to be specifically hand written pages. Sometimes, the time to do morning pages can be spent in the studio- well, I can dream- or it can be in the afternoon, during kid art time. I can paste some pretty \left over bits to journal and take on a bit of craft, just for art's sake. It is not designed to be sold. There is no end customer in mind., It's just a chance to express myself, differently then the written, set time frame, disciplined way that I tend to think of Morning Pages.

I DO recommend the traditional Artist Way morning pages, if you are able to organize your life and child care to do them. It's really transformative and can inspire massive changes in behavior that gets in the way of creation. Moves barriers in the creative, and it makes a discipline to get actual work done. Just one of the BEST ways you can feed your creative self, morning pages.... 3 pages every day. even if they say the same things, even if they are the worst writing of your life, even if it's awful and embarrassing.... come back to morning pages.

In the mean time- Afternoon Art pages will have to suffice. I'm making books, and I'm recycling old artwork into the books. SO- sometimes the art is made, BEFORE it lands in the book, and Sometimes the Art is made AFTER it lands in the book.
 Pages made before they land in the book:

Pages made after: