Sunday, July 26, 2015

Molten LAVA, I mean Lead

{Fair Warning- this is a really picture heavy post, it might take a second to get up and running, some things are better explained with pictures!!! }

My sister in law is a long time abstract artist and I have some small experience as a silver smith. So, when she found a video- 
We decided to try it. 

Start off looking something like this- 

Then try to figure out what you are going to use to melt off your lead... Let's see the stove they used in video, I did order, however it runs on a tank of Butane-not Propane, which is what I actually have at home. SO~ off to the store we go, again.

That's my little butane torch and one of my little propane tanks and I have a big propane tank in the background there somewhere. No matter- wrong attachments and wrong fuel source, gets you no where fast. The little Butane I use to solder sterling worked, but it didn't sustain the heat for melting more than a few square inches at a time. So we did accomplish melting- just not consistent liquid.

Now, I'm finally all set up- check out the really cute shop shoes there! Yikes!!! Safety over Fashion girls, all the time!!!

This is the first go around,  starting to melt it off and making a neat pattern- I actually thought this was a video, but I guess not!!!

More melting!!!

And a beautiful shiny surface~

Here is a video of the Coca Cola hitting the molten surface of the lead. This is the second patty that we made.

Fully Quenched! That's about it for the fun fire parts! One to scrub and rinse and polish and paint.....

Maybe you should check back in later and see the final results!