Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kids Art

My kids love to paint with watercolors, it's an awesome way to get them to sit still a minute and calm down. But, they make a ton of art, and I can't figure out what to do with it all, so I actually photograph it- write and e-mail to my son's e-mail address, and trash it. He has no idea he even has an e-mail address, I just thought I'd do that to keep track. 

Some of their art projects are started by me- white crayon or I help them put down stickers to make "bubbles" under the paint. At 3 art projects a day... you just can't keep them all! So, over about 3 weeks,I started keeping the ones that were in similar colors. I used 16 paintings for this project, below is a sampling!


Next I used a 3 inch circle hole punch. They are kinda expensive, you can use any shape you like, and if you need to shop- use a 50% coupon at Micheal's Art Store.

Then I had to glue them in place. We put on a Tinkerbelle movie, that bought me about 10 minutes, then I was surrounded by helpers. One used circles for her feet, and the other one held my stack and handed me my circles! There was still glue on all of us, at the end of the day- Bath time All a round! {Honestly the baby had 2 baths, one was for the paint she used as make up.....fair warning}

The end result is a fun Piece of wall art for my living room! I like it- definitely scaly, kinda mermaid -ish! The kids are really proud and they point it out when family comes to visit.