Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heirloom Bracelet

Wearing this bracelet, each bead's story comes back to me. It is like picking the patches on one of my grandmother's quilts. Each piece a reminder to her of the dress it came from or the pillow's from long ago that match. Instead, I remember the necklace I made for my mother at Christmas, and my very first tradeshow, my husband in tow, carrying all my purchases! On this bracelet, every bead has a story, and I didn't even realize it!

You see, I heard about a beader that wire-wrapped one of every kind of crystal she had ever had. and this piece of jewelry now spanned a good 20 year career. The amazing discontinued colors of Swarovski crystal, sparkling all around. It is a tale in the beading community.

This sparked an interest, that wheedled in my brain. Then it became a splinter, bothering me until I had to make it! I started with a unique square chain. I really like that the links are nice and large for the wire-wrapping.

I thought about clumping the colors together, but I wanted each bead to stand out. Below you can see for yourself what the different layouts look like.

I ordered round sterling wire in 18g, 22g, and 26g. Then I cut them into headpin lengths. I started with the largest beads and worked my way down.

This project did take me a few days. Wire-wrapping takes longer than a regular eye-pin, but I love how it's so much more secure. Instead of every color, I just started off with my blue collection {my favorite colors} and I really love how it has developed.

If you are interested this bracelet is for sale for $110.00. If you are interested in a bracelet like this, I'd be happy to walk you through the ropes, or construct it for you. Just contact me at joy@joyfulsparkle.com for details.

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