Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Don't you just love new tools? All the possible things that tool is going to do for you, all the amazing accomplishments. Now, how to decide the right tool for you? I don't know an easy answer to that question, at all!

I'm building a workshop right now, work bench, torch, and flex shaft! That's a lot of tools! I'm checking suppliers, and I'm researching temperatures, and of course, price! I figure that this is an investment to hold out for me for the next 50 years, so it had better be good, (no pressure)!

In a recent workshop, (short class) I took at North Bennett Street School, I got the opportunity to work with the tools made available by the school. It was a great experience to get comfortable with torches and really be aware of the safety involved around a workshop.

Some of the sources I have been checking out are: Rio Grande, Otto Frei, Gesswein, and Monster Slayer.

What are the different sources that you guys use?

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Horse 'n' Round said...

Actually, I recently discovered Contenti.com. I work at a craft store and even with an employee discount, I can't get prices like some of those. Good prices for art clay, and some unusual items, too.