Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the dream

Wow, I really want to get my business working now. Get the products out to people and see what they say. This will be great! What an adventure. After all of these thoughts go through my head, that is when it happens.

I get sweaty palms, and a tummy ache. Just like that! I can start to panic. What happens if I get orders? Then I have to fill the order on a time limit... like a deadline. Uh oh! Now what?

See how easy it is for me to change from a gal with a plan, to super scaredy cat? The super anxiety woman can take a blessing, a dream, and turn it into raw fear. I would love to work at my work bench playing with my little beads, every day. Yet, I can stress out over it. You see, I already have a day job. My first 8:15-5:00 piece of heaven. (my 32nd job, just the first one with regular day light type hours) I like the security and the health plan, I just wish I had a smidgen more excitement. I'm bored! Imagine that!

So, 2 monthes ago, I promised myself that I would face my fears, open the door to the possibility that I might be able to make something pretty, send it out into the world, and see what happens. Maybe the bit of JOY I toss out there will catch on... this little record will note what happens next.

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