Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Beader's Muse

My New Year's resolution was that in 2009 I would eat more vegetables and enter my first beading competition.

Thanks to Scarlett Lanson, I felt that I could enter a low stress beading competition on her site http://www.thebeadersmuse.com/.

It was really difficult for me to try and use one particular beading element and create something really fresh and new. Since the element was a brass filigree piece, it was going to be a fresh new piece anyway... since I usually stick to sterling.

Next was finishing up the necklace. Then photographing the thing on a nice clear sunny day. Of course, I needed to name the piece, and then we were given the opportunity to write up 100 words on our inspirations.

I was surprised by the aspects of the competition that actually didn't involve beading!

Let me know what your competition experiences are like!

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Unknown said...

i like the photo of this piece! (the piece is pretty spiffy too!