Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Make Your Own Earring Card

Make Your Own Earring Cards

I have a little jewelry show coming up this weekend. So I've been busy, really busy. I wanted to share a quick little tutorial, and a way to customize my display table. One way to do that is making my own earring cards. 

Beautiful Earrings on there customized cards.
I bought cardstock at Micheals. To make things go faster I bought the 4.5" x 6.5" size. 
I have a whole bunch of stamps, I sort of collect them, especially on sale. I use them a lot, in jewelry, in organizing, making gift cards, lots of little projects. 

These are the stamps I picked for the earring cards. 

This cool hole punch makes it all possible. It lines up nicely on it's own. It lets two pairs of earrings hang on a card. I haven't used it for that yet. Just one pair at time. 

Here's the pretties, hanging nicely. I've made these cards fold across the top, or on their side. Depending on the weight of the earrings, changes how well the card will support the jewelry.
Here is the link for the punch I used. (affiliate link)

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