Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fabric Cover for a Notebook

Fabric Covered Notebook

When you put together a gorgeous notebook, it's possible you may not want to use it, since it will get used up, and then you can't carry it with you again. Well, we can now avoid that problem! A re-useable cover, just refill with another composition notebook. 

How cute is that? Let's get started!

1) I made a template, by tracing the outside of a composition notebook, and I added 1/2 inch around for the seam allowance.

2) I trimmed off a 6 inch piece of the template. 

3) Cut one piece of the skinny template, and 2 pieces of fabric from the thick template. 

4) Pin right sides together and sew the 3 pieces together. 

5) I sewed a seam on the two outside pieces of fabric.

6) Pin the ribbon bookmark in place, and sew.

7) Iron a seam on top and bottom across all 3 fabrics.
8) Place the notebook in the middle, fold the fabric over the edges, and pin.

9)*Mine shows the right-side of the fabric, learn from my mistake :) You actually will save time if you pin the wrong side of the fabric, instead.

10) Fold the notebook all the way back and carefully slip the notebook off, and sew. I ironed the seams flat, but you might not have to. It's possible that the cover will be flush with out ironing the seams. 
11)   Sew across all 3 pieces of fabric. on the top and the bottom of your fabric cover.
12) Flip the cloth cover inside out. 
13) Slip your composition notebook into your spiffy new notebook cover!

Ta-Da!! How cute is that? 
*Just a note- the first time I made a notebook cover, it took me 3 1/2 hours to make. But, the good news, the second one only took me about 1 1/2 hours from cutting fabric, all the way to sliding in the composition notebook. 

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