Friday, October 31, 2014

Make Your Own Bunting


I have seen some adorable bunting on Pinterest, and I decided it would work for just about any kind of party or event. It seems to add flavor to any decorations, and seemed to be quite versatile, so I decided to give it a whirl.
What you'll need:
- Scrapbook paper                                    - Sewing Machine
- Card stock                                                - Sharpie Marker
- Ribbon                                                      - Printer

Here's how I made a bunting sign for my Jewelry show table. 
First I picked my font from
Then I printed it out at size 200.
Then I cut it out using a box cutter.

I used my opening in the paper as a stencil to fill in my damask cardstock. At first I thought, "I need spraypaint!" Then I realized that a Sharpie marker would probably work just as well.

I loaded up the old sewing machine with some thread, and I chained stitched the cardstock on top of some ribbon. This sign came out really cute. 
This bunting says, "JoyfulSparkle" which is my jewelry store name. I made this bunting in 3 afternoon naps, for my show last weekend. 

I liked the way the first bunting came out, I made a second one for Thanksgiving. It only took one afternoon, so I think that the length of the bunting accounts for how long it takes to make. Note the change in font! Remember that when picking your font, you should pick one that looks, well, pretty, but also is relatively easy to read.

So if you're crafty and want to make a sign for your craft show, or you just want to add a little fanfare to your decorating, this project could be right for you.

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