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Lovely Stamped Manicure 9/24/12

Lovely Stamped Manicure

I love a nice manicure, they last for days. I think it's time well spent, if I take 30 minutes on my eye make-up and it only last 4 hours or so, a manicure is a much better investment of time. 

This type of manicure takes about an hour the first time you do it. With practice you can get it down to around 45 minutes. 
I chose a dark color, Orly's Roccoco for the base. It's a beautiful purple and red metallic with a gold sparkle. Very dramatic! I added a stamp on top of a gold metallic in a nice full nail swirl. I love the way it looks on an accent nail, but I always seem to get carried away, and just do the whole manicure. 
I started with the Nailtrition for growth as a base coat. It helps protect the nail from staining, (this color stains a lot!), as well as make it easier to remove the polish later. 

I then did 2 coats of Rococco, and one coat of Seche Vite. I needed a quick dry with this manicure. 

Then I prepared my Bundle Monster plate. I used Gold Rush by Ulta, I've tested this color for stamping, and it works great. You need to have Q-tips available in a little cap of Nail Polish Remover. Between every stamp I clean the plate. 
To Stamp:
Prepare your surface with paper towels, I use them to wipe the card in between every Stamp. 
I set it in the little tray that the kit comes with, this keeps it steady, 

Swish the polish on top
Scrape with an old credit card, or AAA membership card that has expired.

Use the damper to roll across the paint image
Roll the damper across the nail. 
*This whole process takes less than a minute. The nail polish will start to dry, and get stuck in the image, get stuck on the damper, or it will be incomplete or unrecognized. 

After I finish all 10 nails, then I Do 1 coat of Seche Vite. It makes the image stand out, protects the manicure and makes it last longer, and makes a Super Shiny Royal finish to the manicure. 

A nice little manicure, and it should last a while. It may look complicated, but now you know it's not!  You don't have to use metallic polish to finish, but it does look nice and royal! 

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