Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Organizing the Cabinets in the Castle

Organizing the Cabinets in the Castle

I loved the beautiful cabinets and pantries on Pinterest. So I thought I would give it a chance. It took a little bit of shopping around. 
I was fortunate to find 3L jars at Christmas Tree Shops. I really wanted to organize the cabinets, make everything more streamlined and matching. I've read on other blogs that you can also find similar glass jars at Dollar Stores, I checked my local stores, but I didn't find them.  
3L Jar
I washed this jar in the dishwasher. I slipped the lid off and washed it by hand. I pinched the two metal parts together and slipped it back on. 

Using Mod Podge, I covered the back of my label on a scrap piece of paper, make sure to get all of the corners. 

Quickly set the label on your jar, before the Modge Podge starts to get dry.  Next, I used a paper funnel from some computer paper to make it easier to fill this jar with Whole Wheat Flour.

One Cabinet down, four to go!
This gives me joy everyday as I work in the kitchen. These cute jars help the kitchen feel even more homemade. 

Happy Organizing!

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