Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year"s 2015

Morning pages go great in a fresh clean journal! I happen to make those:)

Happy 2015 everyone! I am one of those weird people that actually likes making and keeping New Year's resolutions. Right? What a strange duck.... because I have actually had some moderate success at keeping resolutions. You see, they help me evolve, grow up and continue to move forward. Some resolutions I have kept in the past- eat 2 vegetables a day, lose 15, 20, 70 pounds, drink my water, and create every week.

 I find that putting a system in place, pretty much takes care of the resolution as I life my life. I joined a veggie box program- it got me introduced to new and exciting veggies- until I could recognize them at the grocery/farmer's market. I like to garden, but it is hard keeping the kids from digging everything up. I figured out that I don't lose weight while eating sugar. I used to count calories, but it only got me through the first 30 pounds or so. I found a meal plan that works for me. LOTS of cooking, though. As long as I eat what I'm supposed to, I meet my weight goals at a steady pace. Only 30 pounds to my Ultimate Final Goal! I drink my water, because I bout a cute 24 ounce cup- I just fill it up 3 times a day, and usually one of those has straight lemon juice in it.

The resolution that got away from me: keeping up with morning pages. I made it about 3 months, then I adjusted my schedule to 2 days a week, and I found that sustainable for a few more months. But I simply petered off. Having young kids at home makes it almost impossible to do morning pages. If you don't know where your next sleep is coming from.... well, coffee is WAY more important in the mornings.

One of the ways that I feel helps me with success, small attainable goals. Value the little progress that you are making. Little jumps and starts are helpful. I do value morning pages- they help me filter, set goals for myself and plan future projects. This last year I planned over 20 projects out on paper. I think that I got frustrated because I never had the time to actually create and experiment with all the new ideas.

Enter Epiphany:
1) Morning pages making you frustrated= definitely going to quit!

2) Maybe I don't have to use the time actually writing! inspired by Dirty Footprints Studio. She is a painter, not really a jeweler, but the creative process is still there.

3) It is totally okay to start again! (I also make birthday resolutions)

You see, what if I steal the same 20 minutes with my coffee, and actually take those few minutes and create instead? It might be more satisfying.

Enter my new New Year's resolution- spend time in the studio every day- even with an egg timer, even bleary eyed with my coffee. See F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote:

For what it's worth: it's never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you're proud of, and if you find you're not, I hope you have the strength to start over again.

So now it's simply time to start again, and have the courage to change. so, take stock, are you, being the best you?

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