Thursday, January 15, 2015



Well, I kept pushing for this project to turn out, and it finally did! So, on this super sunny day, I got a few pictures made.  Now, I can share with you the final product, that made me so crazy!
Copper pipe pendant with gold sparkles, red pearl, and azurite beads embedded. 
This copper pipe pendant has blue sparkles and freshwater pearls, with a red Swarovski bicone crystal. (SOLD)

This pendant has the addition of a Swarovski Fire Opal crystal it matches so beautifully. Pearls are embedded and one Moss Agate. (AVAILABLE)

Imagine if I threw in the towel? The trick was the resin actually had to be measured with a syringe, the measurements had to be PRECISE! I think weather might affect it as well. Too Humid!
I also started making my own earring hooks, so a few more earring options are now available.

Now, if only I could take a decent picture, I assure you these are super fabulous in person! 

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