Saturday, January 31, 2015

That Ridiculous Blue Pendant

Actually it's really nice, now that it's finally finished- see?
Available here!

I tried to work out a few different sized filigree pieces for the rounded back. Since it's not a flat back, that was actually a challenge to round over perfectly. A few banged up pieces later, it looks pretty good. Lesson learned- take the stone out, and bang that metal into submission! (carefully and gently, so you don't mar the pattern.)

 Then a manufactured bail was too awkward, and the wrong color. A wirewrap job was nice and tight, but small and insignificant against such a dramatic crystal. So, I put it away, away for another day. It was in my "for sale" box. But, I didn't put it out on my table for sale, and I didn't list it online. See, I was sort of embarrassed by it's awkwardness.

Today, I realized that my shop on Etsy is getting pretty thin, what do I have made already to beef up the inventory? Well, this thing is floating around, but I'm NOT proud of it. Why is that?

So I pulled out some filigree, and tried to add it, and cut it up, and add some more, and cut that off and trim it down..... you know what! I finally like it! I hope the darn thing sells!

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