Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Showing the Process-Copper Pipe Pendants- Part 1

It was recommended that I make something to show how much work it takes to make my little pendants. This isn't really a tutorial- just kind of show and tell, in action in the shop

Cutting pipe- about 30 turns goes through the copper pipe.

Some etching went right, but it needs to show up more.

Lined up, like ducks in a row!

Polishing with the Foredom.

20 gauge wires, cut about 3 inches.

This is my butane torch. Not my favorite, I prefer the oxygen, but it needs new lines.

Making headpins.

Painted with fire.

Punching the hole for the bail. takes loads of hand strength.
All of that work- and the copper pipe bezels are just about ready to fill. This was a longer show and tell then I expected! See the finished product here:Pendants

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